Developing self-teaching analytics communities.

Providing access to industry experts.

Accelerating analytics adoption in your organization.

Makeover Monday Workshops
From banks to universities to media corporations, tech companies, consulting firms and public health providers: Organisations around the globe are using Makeover Monday to help their people learn and develop. They use the concept and approach to data visualization internally to provide free training, build communities of analysts and grow talent.
Now we make this process even easier by bringing Makeover Monday to you in the form of 1 to 2-day workshops during which we teach the fundamental best practices of data visualization, get your people to practice hands-on, share feedback, review your existing visualizations and share our tips. Throughout your workshop we help you lay the foundations for building a strong, supportive and self-teaching analytics community.

We give you all the tools you need to move forward and make the most of your data assets by letting your analysts do their best work.

What we offer:
EXPERT WORKSHOPS to fast-track your analyst community
  • Technical focus on visual analytics, including best practices
  • Improving your Analysis and Reporting outputs, including redesign
  • Establishing an internal analytics culture, including 1-on-1 mentoring with your team members
DASHBOARD REVIEWS to get fast feedback for immediate improvements
  • One-hour live session to review existing dashboards
  • Focus on communicating information effectively through layout, design, colors, text, and interactivity
  • You choose how many dashboards you want us to review and provide feedback on
  • Have your entire team join the session or talk to us individually – it’s entirely your choice
FREE RESOURCES to give your people access to continuous learning, challenges and a global community
  • #MakeoverMonday’s global community of hundreds of active, regular participants
  • Analytics webinars and Makeover Monday VizReviews
  • Blog content and Community Gallery
  • New data sets every week
  • Live events
  • Ongoing feedback and guidance

Our Partners

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