For week 5, we challenged the Makeover Monday community to makeover two pie charts from Business Insider. As of this writing, we’ve had 129 unique visualisations created based on this simple data set of three columns and seven rows. That’s absolutely amazing! In fact, this week we crossed the 700 vizzes mark for the year…in five weeks! Way to go everyone!

This week featured a really large number of waffle charts and slope graphs, yet they were all different in their own way. I’m amazed every week at the talents of this community. Enough babbling…here are a few of my favorites from week 5.

Pooja Gandhi

Author: Pooja Gandhi
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Pooja is the ultimate teacher’s pet, so personally I love how she used my waffle chart template 🙂
  • Yellow on the dark grey works really well
  • It’s clear that the countries are ranked
  • Simplistic, uncluttered design overall
  • Nice idea to separate the measures rather than compare them
  • Nice big numbers to give you to precise percentages
Filippo Mastroianni

Author: Filippo Mastroianni
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Such a cool idea to combine a waffle chart and a slope graph; saw Chantilly do this as well
  • The title area of the viz looks fantastic! Love the logo!
  • Nice big titles for each chart section
  • Colors connecting the countries
  • Sorting the countries within each chart
  • Well placed country labels
  • The waffle charts looks great! I particularly like the shaded bands that include the big numbers; this really set them apart
  • The hover highlight action on the country names is really, really good!
  • Super engaging design!
Tom Shanley

Author: Tom Shanley

What I like:

  • Narration that tells the story
  • Drop lines for each countries onto each axis
  • Labeling where each value hits the axis vs. including an axis
  • 45 degree reference lines to split the scatterplot
  • Nice annotations with directional arrows that explain how to read the chart
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Moving the axis labels to the ends to get them out of the way
  • Created in d3 (I enjoy seeing people use tools other than Tableau for Makeover Monday)
Martijn Verstrepen

Author: Martijn Verstrepen
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Including a question in the title
  • Very clean design
  • Using rank to place the countries rather than the percentages
  • Really like the color palette
  • Great use of a slope graph
  • Labeling only one side of the lines; it’s not necessary to label both sides because he’s used color to connect them
  • Divider lines break up the viz well
Pablo Gomez

Author: Pablo Gomez
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • I’m usually not a fan of “fancy” charts, but this one really caught my eye with how Pablo make the complex look very simple.
  • Great use of color for double encoding the ring length; this aids in comparison since ring lengths can be hard to compare
  • Saw lots of people imitate this piece; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
  • Including the value next to the country aids understanding
  • Great use of space for the filter placement
  • Nice simple tooltips
  • Nice big fonts overall that make it super easy to read