At the end of Viz Review, we do our best to designated the last ten minutes to a demo that will show you how to create an effective visualization quickly. Today, I demoed how to created a trellis chart of the percentage of male to female contributors to New York Times crossword puzzles.

Here are the calculations I used for the columns and rows:

Columns: (index()-1)%(round(sqrt(size()))) | Set the table calc to compute using gender.
Rows: int( (index()-1)/(round(sqrt(size())))) | Again, set the table calc to compute using gender.

I made a few mistakes and missteps along the way, but that’s also the beauty of Tableau and a live demo. You can recover quickly and accelerate once you’re back on track.

Click the image below to see the viz on Tableau Public. The webinar video is embedded at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Click on the image to view on Tableau Public