This week we partnered with David Murphy to makeover a viz he created about deaths in Game of Thrones. We’ve really appreciated David’s involvement this week and he had this to say about all of you:

Crikey, I haven’t seen my direct Twitter feed get this busy for a long time. You guys have fostered and awesome and large community!

We’ve invited David to pick his favorites of the week and he’s also written a sentence or two about each viz. Thanks David!!

Author: Pablo Gomez

From David: It looks amazing, but more importantly it also tells an interesting & focused story that is easy to follow.

Author: Ash Shih

From David: Good introduction, summarises the total stats well, and then focuses nicely on insights around Daenerys.

Author: Natalie Leach

From David: Good use of action highlights + ‘scatter dot bars type thing’ and helps the audience ask and answer an interesting question on their favourite characters, which makes it super engaging.

Author: Charlie Hutcheson

From David: Simple, clear insight that is super effective – also demonstrates a large and rich data set doesn’t always have to produce complex outputs