For each week of Makeover Monday in 2017, Eva and I will be writing a summary of our favorite visualisations from that week’s submissions. This is our way of giving back to the Makeover Monday community, highlighting the work that we liked the most, and shining the spotlight on the individuals that are producing brilliant work.

Week 1 was a makeover of a simple list of the top 50 jobs (based on pay) for men and women in Australia. There have been more than 100 visualisations created, with barbell charts being the most common by far. This viz by Shivaraj was selected as the first Viz of the Day for 2017! Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from week 1.

Lilach Manheim

Author: Lilach Manheim
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Beautiful colors
  • Really clean font
  • Nice overall layout
  • Great context
  • Excellent analysis
  • Barcode chart works really well
Matt Chambers

Author: Matt Chambers
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Simple design that communicates clearly
  • Sorting the bars for easier comprehension
  • Good use of annotations
  • Using the subtitle as the color legend
  • Including the axis at the top and bottom of the chart
Pablo Sáenz d Tejada

Author: Pablo Sáenz d Tejada
Link: Make a Difference with Data

What I like:

  • Made completely with one chart!
  • Great annotations
  • Reference lines provide good context
  • Good use of color to distinguish which gender is paid more
  • Sizing the dots by people in the job
  • Nice clean tooltips
Jeremy Poole

Author: Jeremy Poole
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Inverted dot plot
  • Nice colors and font
  • Great tooltips
  • Description aids in understanding
  • Summary on the right
Joe Kristo

Author: Joe Kristo
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Nice title and subtitle
  • Simple bar chart conveys the message clearly
  • Excellent minimal use of color
  • Good tooltips
  • Good use of annotations
  • Flipping the chart to be about underpaying women adds nicely to the story
Adam Crahen

Author: Adam Crahen
Link: Tableau Public

What I like:

  • Design instantly drew me in
  • Clearly shows how many jobs pay men more
  • Nice sorting option
  • Image of Australia in the middle with the text makes it pop
  • Simple instructions that are out of the way
  • Nice use of dramatic colors