The much anticipated Tableau Conference on Tour in London happened this week and day one didn’t just feature training and certification exams but also a live Makeover Monday session.

Around 40 people gathered at the Box and Whisker Bistro to spend a couple of hours with us during which we told them all about the project, had them build their own makeovers within 60 minutes and then asked people to present what they built.

Makeover Monday live at TCOT London


In addition to the attendees in the room we were excited to also see a number of you from various countries dial into our live stream to participate.


In this two hour session we gave everyone an overview of the Makeover Monday project, how it changed over time and what the benefits are for those who participate.

We were really impressed by the quality of vizzes produced by everyone in the room as well as those who dialled in from other corners of the world, looking at the dataset about visitor numbers for US National Parks since 1904.


Curtis Harris presented his viz all the way from Utah, then it was Neil Richards’ turn at #data17.

A number of others followed, including Pooja Gandhi in Philadelphia and a handful of people at #data17 and once again it was a showcase for the variety of approaches people take for Makeover Monday to tackle an unknown dataset and find an interesting story.

We truly enjoyed meeting so many new people who joined us in London (special shout-out to David Krupp who came for the conference all the way from the US!), but also seeing the visual analysis process in action. Looking over people’s shoulders for an hour was fascinating and gave us a look at how others approach the analysis and visualisation tasks, how they build a story and how they use Tableau.

We even managed to get a picture of the ‘MakeoverMonday family’ with our friend and MM alumni Andy Cotgreave…

So what’s next?

Well, there are more live events to come! For our friends in Germany we have 3 locations to choose from:

On 27 June we’ll be in Frankfurt, followed by Hamburg on 29 June, as part of the Zen Master Day events hosted by The Information Lab.

On 3 July we are in Berlin as part of the Exasol Xperience conference and will be running a Makeover Monday live session (more details to come).

We have plans for the autumn months (Northern Hemisphere) as well and will let you guys know as soon as the details are confirmed.

And for those of you heading to Las Vegas in October for Tableau Conference 2017, there will be a big Makeover Monday live session on Monday, 9 October at 12.30pm – so we hope to see you all there 🙂