Makeover Monday has been a significant part of my life since April 2014. Making over charts has helped me learn to tell better stories and to become a better data analyst. It helped me last a job at Facebook. Fast forward to 2016. Andy Cotgreave joined me and Makeover Monday, by chance, became a Community project, a project much bigger than either of us could have expected. Since then, while working with Eva, Makeover Monday has grown into a massively collaborative and supportive community. We even wrote a book. And the enthusiasm from the Community was exciting!

But success comes with barriers. Success comes with challenges. Success comes with, unfortunately, haters. And Makeover Monday is not fun for me anymore. It’s gone from being a hobby that I loved to one where I’m a defacto “Community Manager” in some people’s eyes. All of this has led to harassment from members of the Community. The way I’ve been treated recently has made me miserable and I need a break. I don’t need any of this in my life. There are way more important things that make me happy and fill me with positivity.

For the foreseeable future, this is until I start enjoying Makeover Monday again, I’m going to revert back to being a participant just like everyone else. I’ll still create my vizzes each week (why I started this in the first place), I’ll still post datasets on my weeks, and I’ll still choose my weekly favorites. What you won’t see is me participating in Viz Review. You won’t see me very active on Twitter; social media can be the devil and that’s what Twitter has been for me. People on social media can be downright nasty, looking for any chance to stab you. It’s petty.

The noisy, angry, bitter, envious few are to blame. You won! Enjoy the victory. I hope you’re proud of yourself. The opinion of these few has outweighed any contributions I have made. Why would I continue?

Over the years, I have loved GIVING to the data viz Community. But I’m tired of the takers. I’m tired of not getting support when I ask for help. I don’t need to be treated like a child. I don’t need the condescension. There’s more to life.

The Data School is what I love. They are my people. They get me. And they enjoy what we accomplish TOGETHER.

I hope you understand this need to take a break and will give me space. I need to decide what I want to do and stepping away will give me the clarity I need to make a decision.

Thank you for what you all contribute to Makeover Monday. The project will continue to go on strong; I’ll merely be a voice behind the scenes. That’s my place now.