On Sunday, 17 September 2017, Andy and I will both be racing. Andy is doing the Richmond Marathon in preparation for his A race this autumn in Frankfurt in October. I will be in Rotterdam for this season’s last triathlon, competing at the Age Group Sprint Triathlon World Championship, where I’ll be representing Germany.

We’re both passionate about our hobbies and we’re passionate about the data that comes from it. We talk about it a lot, we send each other training data and results, relive videos of our training runs and rides, we complain about little niggles and compete on how much gelato we can eat to balance out the hard work.

After every training session we can analyse our results on Strava, Runkeeper or Garmin Connect and while these platforms give us interesting visualisations, we decided it’s time to give them a makeover and find some new insights. So we will use this race day on Sunday to share our results with the MakeoverMonday community and ask them for makeovers and hopefully some new ideas to improve our performance.


What’s going to happen?


First of all, the data will come out later than usual, as we have to create it first and my race is in the afternoon, so once I am back at the hotel, I will finalise it and publish it, please stay tuned for it to come out.

We will publish two datasets. One of Andy’s race on Sunday as well as his race in Madrid in April for comparison. The other dataset is of my triathlon on Sunday as well as a my race at the German National Championship two weeks ago, for comparison. Each of us will have two races of the same distance and type so you can work with more data.

The original vizzes and a number of questions from our side will be published on this blog and you’ll find all the details as usual under the data tab. The questions will give you some guidance (if you need any) on what we’re curious to find out.

As always, you can take any direction you choose with this data and of course you can ask us additional questions along the way on Twitter.