What a turnout! Yesterday’s Makeover Monday Live in Hamburg was definitely our biggest so far with nearly 90 people in attendance. First, we need to thank The Information Lab Germany for hosting an amazing Zen Master Day. If you’re not familiar with what we did, the first half of the day included three talks about building an analytical culture. Then after lunch, André Goehler and I raced the clock and presented 66 tips in 50 minutes. The day ended with the Makeover Monday Live session hosted by Eva and me.

To say the Makeover Monday session was a hit would be a massive understatement. The German audience was unusually energetic and we didn’t even have to ask for volunteers to present.

Steigenberger Hotel provided some amazing views out the window for the participants

As Eva and I took them through what Makeover Monday is about and began to review the format for the event, the buzz in the room built and they basically didn’t let us finish. They wanted to crack on!

People without computers joined those that came prepared, meaning they got to make new friends and work with people they didn’t know. I love how welcoming everyone in the Tableau Community is and how this has extended to our Makeover Monday Live events.

Epic fail on my part for not having beer at the ready for these guys!

I saw teams trying to implement what they learned in the 50 Tips session, like this gang applying the “Zoom” tip I demoed.

While everyone is working for 60 minutes to beat the clock, Eva and I walk around answering questions, help people get un-stuck, offer advice, and most importantly, we encourage them to present.

Eva helping Robin with his viz. This was his first day using Tableau and he even presented!!

Suddenly time was up and people were asked to present. Five teams presented their work, all offering very different takes on the data and approaches to their analysis.

Thanks again to The Information Lab Germany for hosting us. Thank you to everyone that presented. And thank you to Eva for being my partner in this amazing adventure. We look forward to many more live events throughout the year.