Our favorite Makeover Monday visualizations


Our favorite Makeover Monday visualizations

Week 47: Smartphone Ownership Among Youth

Week 46: Youth and Adult Literacy Rates

Week 45: Las Vegas Convention Attendance & Visitor Traffic

Week 44: Annual Sunshine Hours

Week 43: The Age At Which Most People Are Dying By Suicide

Content warning: death, suicide

This post is going to discuss suicide and information presentation around suicide. If you are at risk, please stop here. You are not a number or a statistic. You are a life, a beautiful one, likely feeling a number of things. Please don’t dismiss it. There is life to live and you can:
US: 1-800-273-8255
UK: 116 123
~ Bridget Cogley

Week 42:  Ironman World Championship Medalists

Week 41:  Donations Accepted by Political Parties in the UK

Week 40:  London Population Predictions

Week 39:  Evictions in San Francisco

Week 38:  Positive Impact Events – Commitments from the Event Industry
for the Sustainable Development Goals

Week 37: James Patterson Book Checkouts at Seattle Libraries

Week 36: Fall is the favorite season for most Americans

Week 35: PCs to Become the Smallest Gaming Platform in 2018

Week 34: Americans touch their smartphones 2,617 times a day

Week 33: A bird’s-eye view of clinical trials

Week 32: Britain is rapidly phasing out coal

Week 31: STD Infection Rates in America

Week 30: Arsenal FC’s 2018/19 season

Week 29: The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high

Week 28: International Protection in the EU+

Week 27: Game of Thrones Deaths

Week 26: Alcohol Consumption by Country

Week 25: Berlin Airbnb Ratings

Week 24: Same-sex couples and sexual relations

Week 23: Sleepless in America?

Week 22: CO2 Emissions per capita

Week 21: When are you most likely to be killed by a bear in North America?

Week 20: Rhino Poaching in South Africa

Week 19: Major League Baseball Most Efficient Batters

Week 18: ISS Spacewalks

Week 17: Steph Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings

Week 16: The Words in ‘Info We Trust’

Week 15: Ranking States by Fiscal Condition

Week 14: What kind of waste appears on UK beaches?

Week 13 – Consumer Spending by Generation

Week 12 – How do we really feel about women leaders?

Week 11 – Philadelphia Real Estate Transfers

Week 10 – World Development Indicators – Health and Equality

Week 9 – Economic value of the bicycle industry

Week 8 – Which States Produce the Most Wind Energy?

Week 6 – How Chinese New Year compares with Thanksgiving

Week 5 – The Digital Economy and Society Index

Week 4 – Energy Use at 10 Downing Street

Week 3 – Minimum Wage in America

Week 2 – Press Freedom

Week 1 – NHL Attendance

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