After running Makeover Monday live events in Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and London earlier this year, it was time for us to make an appearance in Germany.

Yesterday we kicked off a week of ‘German Makeovers’ in Frankfurt, where The Information Lab hosted us as part of their first ever Zen Master Day.



The turnout was great and we enjoyed working with an engaged audience on analysing German car production and export data.

As usual we gave everyone an overview of the project and how it all works before they started creating their makeovers.

A great audience


It was encouraging to see a room full of people who participated, asked questions and presented their work and I hope that we will see a lot more of their vizzes on Tableau Public and Twitter in the weeks and months to come. Especially because my countrymen and -women don’t tend to engage in the type of online self-promotion I have become so used to from living abroad.

What I particularly enjoyed during presentations was how many people chose to try out new tricks and vizzes they learned during the prior session that afternoon which gave them 63 tips in 55min courtesy of Andy and André… Really nice to see new knowledge being put to good use straight away!





The value of participating in Makeover Monday


I hope everyone who attended sees Makeover Monday as the opportunity to practice their Tableau skills, build their portfolio, find inspiration and build their network, because those are the key elements in our view.

Andy and I had a great time running the live session in Frankfurt and chatting to the participants during the event and afterwards.

Next stop: Hamburg! And we’re expecting about twice as many people. Bring it on!



A final note…


While I was busy documenting the afternoon, Andy somehow found time to create another viz. It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time so I thought I should share it with you 😉