Data Sets • 2022

All the data sets for 2022.
Join us every week for new challenges.

Data Sets – 2022

All the data sets for this year 2022. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.

Week Date Data Watch Me Viz Viz Review Source Article/Visualisation
35 29/08/2022 Link Link Link Top 10 Military Budgets
Data source: SIPRI Military Expenditure Database
36 05/09/2022 Link Link Link Median Age of First Marriages
Data Source: PRB
37 12/09/2022 Link Link Link Berkshire Hathaway Holdings
Data Source: Berkshire Hathaway Annual, Quarterly Reports, and 13F filings.
Data collected and formatted by: Sjoerd Tilmans |
38 19/09/2022 Link Link Link American Business Formations
Data Source: US Census Bureau | Business Formation Statistics
39 26/09/2022 Link Link Link Average Internet Speeds Across Europe
Data Source: Speedtest by Ookla Global Fixed and Mobile Network Performance Maps
40 03/10/2022 Link Link Link Truss to push ahead with low-tax economy despite calls for caution
Data Source: OECD
41 10/10/2022 Link Link BBC News: UN Human Development Index
Original Chart: UNDP
Data Source: UNDP
42 17/10/2022 Link Link Link FDA Inspections
Data Source: U.S. Food & Drug Administration (via Data Is Plural)
43 24/10/2022 Link Link Link Why Some MLB Pitchers Are Abandoning The Fastball
Source: FiveThirtyEight
Data Source: FanGraphs
Glossary: FanGraphs
44 31/10/2022 Link Link Link Fundraising by Members of the 117th Congress
Data Source: OpenSecrets
45 07/11/2022 Link Link Link Who do we spend time with across our lifetimes?
Data Source: Our World in Data
46 14/11/2022 Link Link Link How much does cocaine cost around the world?
Data Source: UNODC Price time series for cocaine and heroin, Western Europe and the United States
47 21/11/2022 Link Link Link Railroad infrastructure quality rankings
Data Source: World Economic Forum
48 28/11/2022 Link Link Link US School Shootings K-12
DATA SOURCE MUST BE CITED WITH: Riedman, David. “K-12 School Shooting Database” (2022). 02.Nov.2022
49 05/12/2022 Link Link Link How Americans Perceive Demographics
Data Source: YouGovAmerica
50 12/12/2022 Link Link Link Which country gets the most paid vacation days?
Data Source: • prepared by Yamil Medina
51 19/12/2022 Link Link Link UK Religious Affiliations
Data Source: UK Census (England only)
52 26/12/2022 Link How Much Do Americans Spend On Christmas?
Data Source: Exploding Topics

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