Data Sets • 2021

All the data sets for 2021.

Data Sets

All the data sets for this year 2020. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.


Week Date Data Viz Review Watch Me Viz Source Article/Visualization
1 04.01.2021 LINK LINK LINK The great bicycle boom of 2020
Data Source: Rails•to•Trails (Chart in spreadsheet)
2 11.01.2021 LINK LINK LINK Viz5: Gender Inequality in HIV Infections in Adolescents
Data Source: UNICEF
3 18.01.2021 LINK LINK LINK What’s Really Warming the World?
Data Source: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Credits: Eric Roston (@eroston) and Blacki Migliozzi (@blackili)
4 25.01.2021 LINK LINK LINK Indian Coal Mine Location and Production
Required Citation: Sandeep Pai and Hisham Zerriffi. A novel dataset for analysing sub-national socioeconomic developments in the Indian coal industry, IOPSciNotes,
Data Source: Sandeep Pai and Hisham Zerriffi via Harvard Dataverse
5 01.02.2021 LINK LINK LINK Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels in Europe
Data Source: Ember
6 08.02.2021 LINK LINK LINK Viz5: Perceived Obstacles to Gender Equality
7 15.02.2021 LINK LINK LINK What’s the point of Valentine’s Day?
Data Source: Statista
8 22.02.2021 LINK LINK LINK Protests Against Limiting Abortion Rights in Poland
Data Source: Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet | @strajkkobiet • Prepared by Hania Nykowska | @hanykowska
9 29.02.2021 LINK LINK LINK Seats Held by Women in National Parliaments and Governments
Data Source: Eurostat
10 07.03.2021 LINK LINK LINK International Women’s Day: IOC Hits New Record with 47.7% Women
Data Source: International Olympic Committee
11 14.03.2021 LINK LINK LINK What is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop?
Data Source: FAOSTAT
12 21.03.2021 LINK LINK LINK The Cereal Industry Had A Very Weird Year
DATA SOURCE: Bureau of Economic Analysis
13 28.03.2021 LINK LINK LINK Exports to EU plunge by 40% in first month since Brexit
DATA SOURCE: ONS (UK trade: goods and services publication table 14)
£ million, Seasonally Adjusted
14 04.04.2021 LINK LINK LINK Multiclass Classification of Dry Beans
DATA SOURCE: UCI Machine Learning RepositoryCitation Request:
KOKLU, M. and OZKAN, I.A., (2020), “Multiclass Classification of Dry Beans Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques.” Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 174, 105507.
15 11.04.2021 LINK LINK LINK Fouls Called Game by NBA Referees
Data Source: The Unofficial NBA Ref Ball Database
Credit: @owenlhjphillips
16 18.04.2021 LINK LINK LINK US Air Travel Falls Due to Covid Epidemic
Data Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics
17 25.04.2021 LINK LINK LINK Regional Price Parity For Each State
Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
18 02.05.2021 LINK   LINK CEO-to-Worker Compensation Ratio
Data Source: Economic Policy Institute
19 09.05.2021 LINK   LINK What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?
Data Source: Visual CapitalistSuggested by: Danny Bradley | @vizwithdan
20 16.05.2021 LINK   LINK What animal could you beat in a fight?
Data Source: YouGov
21 23.05.2021 LINK   LINK How are wildlife populations changing?
Data Source: Our World in Data
Citation: WWF (2020) Living Planet Report 2020 – Bending the curve of biodiversity loss. Almond, R.E.A., Grooten M. and Petersen, T. (Eds). WWF, Gland, Switzerland
22 30.05.2021 LINK   LINK The Plastic Waste Makers Index
Data Source: Minderoo
23 06.06.2021 LINK   LINK Percentage of Never Married Adults Is on the Rise
Data Source: U.S. Census
24 13.06.2021 LINK   LINK What Schools Create the Most Student Loans in the U.S.?
Data Source: Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System via
25 20.06.2021 LINK   LINK Stop & Search Rates by Ethnicity in the UK
Data Source:
26 27.06.2021 LINK   LINK How Common is Your Birthday?
Data Source: U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (1994-2003); U.S. Social Security Administration (2004-2014) — via FiveThirthyEight
27 04.07.2021 LINK   LINK 2020 Electoral Map If Only ____ Voted
Created by: Dustin Gibson
Source: Dustin Gibson via AP Votecast Exit Polls (which can be viewed on the New York Times)
Additional Info: Reddit
28 11.07.2021 LINK   LINK UK Vaccine Coverage by Age and Ethnicity
Data Source: OpenSAFELY
29 18.07.2021 LINK   LINK Most minority ethnicities have a higher COVID-19 mortality rate
Data Source: Information is Beautiful via UK Office for National Statistics
30 25.07.2021 LINK   LINK America’s Racial Breakdown by State
Data Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, U.S. Census BureauSuggested by: Rodrigo Calloni | @tableauing
31 01.08.2021 LINK   LINK Bike Collisions in London (2005-2019)
Data Source: CycleStreets
32 08.08.2021 LINK   LINK Monthly Mortality Rates in England and Wales
Data Source: ONS
33 15.08.2021 LINK     How’s UCAS Clearing Going?
Data Source: WONKHE
34 22.08.2021 LINK   LINK “Entry-level” jobs on LinkedIn require 3+ years of experience
Data Source: LinkedIn
35 29.08.2021 LINK   LINK Estimation of Country-Specific and Global Prevalence of Male Circumcision
Image Source: Reddit
Data Source & Citation:
Morris, B.J., Wamai, R.G., Henebeng, E.B. et al. Estimation of country-specific and global prevalence of male circumcision. Population Health Metrics 14, 4 (2016).
36 05.09.2021 LINK   LINK What do Americans think about abortion?
Data Source: Gallup
37 12.09.2021 LINK   LINK The 20 Largest Solar Power Plants
Source Article:
Data Source: Wikipedia
Suggested By: Sean Miller | @HipsterVizNinja
38 19.09.2021 LINK   LINK Dark Web Price Index 2021
Data Source: Privacy Affairs
Suggested By: Lindsay Betzendahl | @ZenDollData
39 26.09.2021 LINK   LINK Makeover Monday Week 300
MLB All-Time Wins Above Replacement
Data Source: ESPN







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