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All the data sets for 2019

Data Sets
All the data sets for this year 2018. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.


Week Date Data Source Article/Visualisation
1 Dec 31 NHL Attendance
Data Source: ESPN
2 Jan 7 Press Freedom’s Dark Horizon
Data source:
3 Jan 14 How many people earned the Federal minimum wage or less in each State?
Data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
4 Jan 21 Energy Use at 10 Downing Street
Data Source: CarbonCulture
5 Jan 28 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)
Data source: European Commission
6 Feb 4 How Chinese New Year Compares With Thanksgiving
Data Source: Bloomberg via Statista
7 Feb 11 Trump’s “Executive Time”
Data Source: Axios
7 Feb 13 Makeover Monday live at Cimt AG
The German Automotive Industry
Data Source: VDA
8 Feb 18 Which States Produce the Most Wind Energy
Data Source: American Wind Energy Association via Choose Energy
9 Feb 25 Economic value of the bicycle industry
Data Source: SQW
10 Mar 4 World Development Indicators – Health and Equality
Collaboration with Operation Fistula
Data Source: World Bank
11 Mar 11 Philadelphia Real Estate Transfers
Data Source: OpenDataPhilly
12 Mar 18 How do we really feel about women leaders?
Data Source: The Reykjavik Index for Leadership
13 Mar 25 Consumer Spending by Generation
Data Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
14 Apr 1 The plastics problem in 7 charts
Data Source: Great British Beach Clean Report 2017
15 Apr 8 Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition
Data Source: Mercatus Center
16 Apr 15 The words in ‘Info We Trust’
Data Source: RJ Andrews (Author) – data dictionary is contained in the spreadsheet
17 Apr 22 Steph Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings
Data Source: Stephen Curry
18 Apr 29 ISS Spacewalks
Data Source: NASA (main data in first tab, extended details in second tab)
19 May 6 Major League Baseball Most Efficient Batters
Data Source: Lahman’s Baseball Database
Commonly Used Stats: Baseball Reference
NOTE: Only players with salary data included
20 May 13 Rhino Poaching in South Africa 2006-2016
Data Source: Department of Environmental Affairs
21 May 20 North American Bear Attacks
Data Source: Wikipedia
NOTE: The data was collected, prepared, and distributed by Ali Sanne on Please reference her in your visualizations.
22 May 27 CO2 emissions per capita
Data Source: World Bank
23 Jun 3 Sleepless in America?
Data Source: American Time Use Survey
24 Jun 10 Is it wrong for same-sex couples to have sexual relations?
Data Source: GSS Data Explorer
25 Jun 17 Berlin Airbnb Ratings
Data Source: Inside Airbnb
26 Jun 24 Alcohol Consumption By Country
Data Source: World Atlas
27 Jul 1 Game of Thrones Deaths
Data Source: David Murphy | @Datasaurus-Rex
28 Jul 8 International protection in the EU+: 2018 overview
Data Source: Eurostat – Summary Data | Decision Detail Data
29 Jul 15 The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high
Data Source: General Social Survey
30 Jul 22 Arsenal FC’s 2018/19 season
Data Source: Premier League Stat Center
31 Jul 29 STD Infections Rates in America
Data Source: CDC
32 Aug 5 The power switch: tracking Britain’s record coal-free run
Data Source: Gridwatch
33 Aug 12 A bird’s-eye view of clinical trials
Data Source / Original Viz: Aero Data Lab
34 Aug 19 Americans touch their smartphones 2,617 times a day
Data Source: Pew Research Center
35 Aug 26 PCs to Become the Smallest Gaming Platform in 2018
Data Source: Statista
36 Sep 2 Fall is favorite season for most Americans
Data Source: YouGov
37 Sep 9 James Patterson Book Checkouts at Seattle Libraries
Data Source: Seattle Open Data
38 Sep 16 Positive Impact Events – Committments from the Event Industry for the Sustainable Development Goals
Data Source: MyWorld2030 Events Survey
Additional information: Positive Impact Events website
39 Sep 23 Evictions in San Francisco
Data Source: DataSF
40 Sep 30 London Population Predictions (click on ‘Communities’)
Data: London Datastore
41 Oct 7 Donations accepted by political parties
Data Source: The Electoral Commission
42 Oct 14 Ironman World Championship Medalists
Data Source: Wikipedia
43 Oct 21 The age at which most people are dying by suicide
Data Source: Office for National Statistics
44 Oct 28 World Cities Ranked by Average Annual Sunshine Hours
Data Source: Wikipedia
45 Nov 4 Las Vegas Convention Attendance & Visitor Traffic: Jan 1970-Oct 2019
Data Source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
46 Nov 11
Youth and Adult Literacy Rates
Data Source: UNESCO SDG4
47 Nov 18 Smartphone Ownership Among Youth Is on the Rise
Data Source: Common Sense (page 27)
48 Nov 25 2018 Central Park Squirrel Census Fur Map
Data Source: NYC Open Data
49 Dec 2 How much does union membership benefit America’s workers?
Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
50 Dec 9 Ranked: Biggest Fast Food Chains in America (originally on TitleMax)
Data Source: Visual Capitalist
51 Dec 16 The Spurs Have Never Been This Bad At Defense – NBA Defensive Ratings
Data Source: NBA
52 Dec 23 Estimated Christmas spending by concept
Data Source: Deloitte Christmas Survey 2019
53 Dec 30 The Most Popular Makeover Monday Topics
Data Source: (data as of 27 Dec 2019)








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