Data Sets • 2018
All the data sets for 2018. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.
Data Sets
All the data sets for this year 2018. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.
Week Date Data Source Article/Visualisation
1 Jan 1 U.S. Per Capita Consumption of Poultry and Livestock
Data Source: National Chicken Council
2 Jan 8 Across the globe, personality is rated as more important than looks
NOTE: Tag @mattsmithetc and @YouGov in visualisations created. Matthew provided the data.
Data Source: YouGov
3 Jan 15 U.S. Household Income Distribution by State
Data Source: US Census Bureau
4 Jan 22 Movement of Turkey Vultures in North and South America
Data Source:
5 Jan 29 What the Most Profitable Companies Make per Second
6 Feb 5 Black History Month: Baseball Demographics (1947-2016)
Data Source:
7 Feb 12 The Winter Olympics (by Rody Zakovich)
Data Source:
8 Feb 19 Where Does Your Medicine Come From?
Data Source: TradeMap
9 Feb 26 World Economic Freedom
Data Source: Fraser Institute
10 Mar 5 International Women’s Day
Data Source: Equal Measures 2030
Note: A data dictionary as well as additional files (color and font guidelines, these are optional but if you want to use them, go ahead) are available on
11 Mar 12 St. Patrick’s Day Special: Growth in Irish Whiskey Sales
Data Source: Board Bia via The IWSRNote: Please tag @BordBia, @TheIWSR, @InfoLabIE, @GlendaloughDist and include #DataVizKey in your tweetOur three favorites will each receive one bottle of double barrel whiskey courtesy of Glendalough Distillery
12 Mar 19 UK Pet Population in 2017 (p. 14)
Data Source: Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association
Check out their Annual Report (at least for the cute pictures…)
13 Mar 26 What is the UK’s Favorite Chocolate Bar?
Data Source: CDA
14 Apr 2 World Wine Production (p. 6)
Data Source: International Organisation of Vine and Wine
15 Apr 9 Arctic Sea Ice Extent
Data Source: National Snow & Ice Data Center
16 Apr 16


Zambia Southern Province Confirmed Malaria Cases
Data Source: Simulated data from
Contact for data question
17 Apr 23 Earth Day: Ecological Footprint per Capita
Data Source: Global Footprint Network
18 Apr 30 Bee Colony Loss in the United States
Collaboration with Viz For Social Good
Data Source: BeeInformed (check out their blog for additional information)
Additional Data: Honey Bee Colonies
19 May 7 Toughest Sport by Skill
Data Source: ESPN
20 May 14 Which European commuters spend the most time in traffic jams?
Data Source: Euronews
21 May 21 Premier League 2017-18 Review: Our predictions versus cold, hard reality
Data Source: The Guardian
22 May 28 The World’s Most Expensive Prime Property
Data Source: WeForum
23 June 4 U.K. Gender Pay Gap
Data Source: GOV.UK
24 June 11 Tourism Density Index (page 16, 17)
Data Source: Intrepid Travel
25 June 18 U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report
Data Source: CDC
26 Jun 25 London Cycle Hire Usage
Data Source: Transport for LondonNOTES:
1. Tableau Data Source to connect to Exasol (50M+ records)
2. CSV of cycle hires from 2017CONNECTING TO EXASOL:

  1. Navigate to the sign-up page to register
  2. You will receive an email with your credentials
  3. Download the EXASOL driver (Tableau 32 bitTableau 64 bitTableau Mac OS)
  4. Download the .tds and open it in Tableau Desktop
  5. A connection prompt will appear once you start dragging fields onto your worksheet. Enter your credentials (from the above email) in the connection prompt
27 Jul 2 Rat Sightings in New York City
Data Source: NYC Open Data
27: TC Europe Jul 3 XLS
Percentage of Patients Spending 4 Hours or Less in NHS A&E by Provider
Data Source: NHS
28 Jul 9 Volcano eruptions
Data Source: Global Volcanism Program
29 Jul 16 Historical NBA Team Spending Against the Cap
Data Source: CeltsHub
30 Jul 23 OECD Parental Leave System(chart p. 4)
Data Source: OECD(table p.3)
31 Jul 30 Big Mac Index
Data Source: The Economist
32 Aug 6 How Much Your Country Spends on Research & Development
Data Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics
33 Aug 13 Anthony Bourdain’s Travels
Data Source: @ChristineZhang
34 Aug 20 ACLED: Visualizing Conflict
Data Source: ACLED
35 Aug 27 Which body parts are we attaching computers to?
Data Source: Figure Eight
36 Sep 3 Nike Factory Locations
Data Source: Nike Inc.
37 Sep 10 Paying the President
Data Source: ProPublica
Collaboration with #WorkoutWednesday
38 Sep 17 Train versus Plane: How much does traveling really cost?
Data Source: DW Data
39 Sep 24 Visualizing Equality
Data Source: EM2030
40 Oct 1 Avocado Prices
Data Source: Hass Avocado Board
41 Oct 8 Five Year Cancer Survival Rates in America
Data Source: Our World in Data
42 Oct 15 Total Number of Women the House of Representatives: 1917-2018
Data Source: Congressional Research Service
Original Viz: Tableau Public
43 Oct 22 TC18: What will a beer cost you at every Major League Baseball stadium?
Data Source: Team Marketing Report
44 Oct 29 Everybody poops
Data Source: YouGov
45 Nov 5 US Population Projections by Age Group, 2016-2060
Data Source: United States Census Bureau
45 Nov 8 TIL MM Live: DC Metro Scorecard
Data Source: Washington DC Metro
46 Nov 12 Diversity in Tech
Data Source: Company and Press Reports
47 Nov 19 How Many Hours Americans Need to Work to Pay Their Mortgage
Data Source:
48 Nov 26 The cost of a night out
Data Source: UBS
49 Dec 3 Women Constructors in the Shortz Era
Data Source: XWord Info
50 Dec 10 Land use by food type (Figure I.13)
Full article
Data Source: Our World in Data
51 Dec 17 London Bus Safety Performance (page 3)
Data Source: TFL (January 2015 – June 2018)
52 Dec 24 Average spending on Christmas gifts in the U.S. 1999-2018
Data Source: Statista