Data Sets • 2017
All the data sets for the second year of MakeoverMonday 2017.

Data Sets

Week Date Data Source Article/Visualisation
1 Jan 2 XLS TDE Australia’s 50 highest paying jobs are paying men significantly more
Data source: Australian Government
 2  Jan 9  XLS TDE Have Apple Lost Their Edge With iPhone?
Data source: Statista
3 Jan 16 CSV TDE The 294 Accounts Donald Trump Retweeted During The Election
Data source: Trump Twitter Archive
Note: Please tag @realtrumptweet in your Tweets
4 Jan 23 XLS TDE International and Domestic Tourism Spend in New Zealand
Data source: NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Domestic / International)
Note: Data definitions included for RTI data in .tdsx and .xls files – please read 🙂
Optional: Geospatial data (.tde) available at TLA level if you want to have some fun with maps.
5 Jan 30 XLS TDE Employment Growth in G-7 Countries
6 Feb 6 TDS TDE TWBX Inside Chicago’s Taxi Data: Busiest and Slowest Days, Average Tips And More
Note: Tableau extract is limited to Near North Side for 2015-2016, while the TDS is a live Exasol connection to all 105 million records. The TWBX is for those using the Tableau Public app to create their dataviz.
For the live connection you will need a login which you can create via this registration.
Data source: City of Chicago
7 Feb 13 XLS TDE How Much Do Americans Spend on Valentine’s Day?
Data source: National Retail Foundation
8 Feb 20 XLS TDE The EU potato sector
Note: The ‘country’ dimension contains two total EU members, please take this into account for your analysis.
Data source: Selling Price of Potatoes; Potato harvest statistics
9 Feb 27 XLS TDE How does Andy use his American Express?
10 Mar 6 XLS TDE Top 500 YouTube Games Channels (as of 3rd March 2017)
Note: Find more information about these statistics on the Social Blade FAQ page
Data source: SocialBlade
11 Mar 13 XLS TDE The Likelihood of Orgasm
12 Mar 20 CSV TDE March Madness
Data source:
13 Mar 27 XLS TDE The Secret of Success
14 Apr 3 XLS TDE Millions of UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots
Data source: PWC report
Note: ONS workforce jobs survey for employment shares (2016); PwC estimates for last column using PIAAC data from OECD. High risk of automation is defined as 70% or over based on technical feasibility considerations only.
15 Apr 10 XLS TDE Do oil prices have a direct correlation to the price of gold?
Data source: Quandl – Gold Prices, Crude Oil Prices, Consumer Price Index
Note: For prices with daily data, the price on the last day of each month was taken to represent the price for the month.
16 Apr 17 TDS CSV TWBX Medicine statistics: GP prescribing by constituency, 2015
Data source: UK Prescriptions Data (on EXASOL)
Note: Glossary of terms, FAQs by hscic
Additional Information on accessing the dataIf you are using the Tableau Public app, download the TWBX file
17 Apr 24 XLS TDE Data skills are in huge demand
Data source: LinkedIn’s annual Top Skills Reports 2014, 2015, and 2016
18 May 1 XLS TDE Sydney Ferry Patronage
Data Source: Transport for New South Wales Open DataNote: To give you some idea of what it’s like to catch a ferry in Sydney, I have added a collection of photos and a couple of videos for you to check out. (Photos and Videos of Sydney and Sydney ferries on Google Images).
If you’re feeling particularly creative, you are welcome to use these in your viz. Make sure you credit the source (me). Alternatively, you should only use images you have permission to use, such as those listed as free to use or share on Google images under usage rights.
19 May 8 CSV TDE TWBX Which cars do the Dutch purchase?
Data source: RDW
20 May 15



Trends of Youth Employment in Latin America
Collaboration with #VizForSocialGood and Inter-American Development BankNote: Data shows latest available figures for each country, ranging from 2013 – 2015.
Data Source: IDB SIMS (Labor Markets and Social Security Information System)
21 May 22 Are Britons falling out of love with booze?
Data source: ONS (Table 1 & Table 3)
22 May 29 XLS TDE TWBX Internet users per 100 people
Data Source: Knoema World Data Atlas
Note: While there is no article with context, the viz is actually interactive, so make sure you explore it to form a view on whether it effectively represents the data
23 Jun 5 XLS TDE TWBX TCOT London: America’s National Parks Have Never Been More Popular
Data source: National Park Service
24 Jun 12 XLS TDE TWBX Turner vs Not Turner – Artwork from The Tate Collection
Data source: Tate Collection on GitHub
25 Jun 19 CSV TDS TWBX Internet of Things: Ozone Daily Air Quality Index
Data source: EPA
1. Run the Multi-Year Tile Plot to generate the visualisation
2. Tableau extract is aggregate to the day level, while the TDS is a live Exasol connection to all 202 million records. For the live connection you will need a login if you don’t already have one, which you can create via this registration.
26 Jun 26 XLS TDE TWBX German Car Production and Exports
Data Source: VDA
27 Jul 3 XLS(DE) XLS(EN) TDE(DE) TDE(EN) TWBX(DE) TWBX(EN) Tourism in Berlin and Brandenburg
Source: Statistik Berlin & Brandenburg
28 Jul 10 XLS TDE TWBX The Tour de France 2017
Source: Knoema, Wikipedia
29 Jul 17 XLS TDE TWBX How Trump And Obama’s Staff Salaries Spread Across The Board
Data Source: NPR
30 Jul 24 XLS TWBX How thirsty is our food?
Data Source: Unesco Institute for Water Education – The green, blue and grey water footprint of farm animals and animal products (table 6)
Additional information: Water footprint explained
31 Jul 31 XLS TDE TWBX The Southeast Asian Games
Data courtesy: Sport Singapore
32 Aug 7 XLS TDE TWBX Why India needs to count its broken toilets
Data: Annual Status of Education Report
33 Aug 14 CSV TDE TWBX The Timing of Baby Making
Data Source: CDC
34 Aug 21 XLS TDE TWBX Solar Eclipses 2001 – 2020 AD
Data source: NASA
35 Aug 28 XLS TDE TWBX Player Arrests in the National Football League Since 2000
Note: Data as of 27-Aug-2017

The UN SDG Action Campaign My World Survey results

Data Source: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign

Make sure to tag @SDGaction in your tweets

For additional information, please
read the blog on our collaboration with the UN and #VizForSocialGood
check out our webinar where Eva talked to Gayan (UN) and Chloe (Viz For Social Good), including some exciting announcements
refer to the SDG Action campaign website including this great video

37 Sep 11 XLS TDE TWBX Dublin TUG: Stolen Bikes UK
38 Sep 18 Andy: XLS TDE
A Day at the Races
Data source: Andy’s Runkeeper , Eva’s strava
39 Sep 25 XLS TDE TWBX Restricted Dietary Requirements Around the Globe
NOTE: Viz to makeover is on page 8
40 Oct 2 XLS TDE TWBX The UK economy since the Brexit vote
Data Source: OECD
41 Oct 9 XLS TDE TWBX TC17: Adult Obesity in the United States
Data Source: CDC
42 Oct 16 XLS TDE TWBX Formula E Race Results
Data Source: FIA FormulaNote: XLS file contains second tab with data definitions. In the TDE and TWBX these are included as comments, so hover over the field names to see descriptions.
43 Oct 23 XLS TDE How Frequent Is My Myers-Briggs Type?
Data courtesy Alexander Mou
44 Oct 30 XLS TDE TWBX Mapped: The countries that have the most bank holidays
Data source: Time and Date (Holiday Calendar)
Note: Please check the ‘Holiday Type’ field to specify national, local or religious holidays etc
45 Nov 6 XLS TDE TWBX Life Expectancy at Birth by Country (1960-2015)
Data Source: World BankAlso join us at the San Diego and Finland TUGs. Details on the events page.
46 Nov 13 XLS TDE TWBX The World’s Top Cities For Sustainable Transport
Data Source: Arcadis (check this link for the full report)
47 Nov 20 XLS TDE TWBX Snapchat is Tops with American Teens
48 Nov 27 XLS TDE TWBX The World as 100 people
Data Source: If the World were 100 people (please note this data is more recent than the one used in the viz, so there will be slight differences)
49 Dec 4 XLS The Cost of a Curry at Wetherspoon
50 Dec 11 XLS TDE TWBX Barrier Free Buildings in Singapore (enable flash to view interactive version)
Data Source: Buildings and Construction Authority of Singapore
51 Dec 18 CSV TDE TDS Temperature Anomalies (1900-2016)
Data Source: Ken Black via NOAA

  1. Tableau extract is aggregated to the monthly level for each station
  2. The TDS is a live Exasol connection to all 176 million records.
  3. For the live connection you will need a login which you can create via this registration.
  4. If you previously registered, your login will still work.
  5. If you want to publish your viz to Tableau Public, you need to create an extract. Follow the instructions in this video to do so.
52 Dec 25 XLS TDE Christmas trees sold in the US from 2004 – 2016
Data Source: Statista