Data Sets

All the data sets for 2020. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.

Data Sets

All the data sets for this year 2020. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.

Week Date Data Source Article/Visualisation
27 Jul 6

Comparing common mental disorder by sex

Data source: NHS Digital

26 Jun 29 Viz5: Economic Empowerment
Data Source: World Bank
25 Jun 22

Amazon’s tiny profits, explained

Data Source:

24 Jun 15 The rise of soccer
Data Source: NFHS Participation rates
23 Jun 8 Animal-free products consumption in Great Britain
Data source: Statista
22 Jun 1 Viz5: Safe Houses: Places of Sanctuary for Girls and Women At Risk of FGM
Data Source: Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania
21 May 25 Visualising 40 Years of Music Industry Sales
Data Source: RIAA
20 May 18 Visualizing Auto Insurance Rate by State in 2020
Data Source: Average Cost of Car Insurance (2020)
19 May 11 World Happiness Report 2020
Data Source: Gallup World Poll
18 May 4 Viz5: Obstetric Fistula in Madagascar
Data Source: Operation Fistula via
17 Apr 27 Pump prices over time
Data Source: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
16 Apr 20 Focus on what you eat, not whether your food is local
Data Source: GHG Emissions by Lifecycle stage
15 Apr 13 Source article: Soccerment
Data Source:
14 Apr 6 Unpaid work: Allocation of time and time-use
Data Source: UN Stats
13 Mar 30 Does pineapple belong on a pizza?
Data Source: YouGov
12 Mar 23 California University History: Number of Distinct Fields of Study by University
Data Source: UC ClioMetric History Project
11 Mar 16 Happiness and Life Satisfaction
Data Source: World Bank
10 Mar 9 Violence Against Women & Girls – perceptions in African, Asian and South American countries
Data Source: Demographic and Health Survey | Statcompiler
9 Mar 2 Costing Kids Sleep
Data source: Costing Kids Sleep
8 Feb 24 Housing outcomes for clients of Australian Specialist Homelessness Services
Data Source: AIHW Specialist homelessness services annual report 2017–18
7 Feb 17 All the World’s Wealth in One Visual
Data Source: Credit Suisse
6 Feb 10 Nearly a quarter of Americans have never experienced the U.S. in a time of peace
Data Source: Washington Post
5 Feb 3 Majority support a black James Bond, but few want a female or gay 007
Data Source: YouGov
4 Jan 27 Bridges to Prosperity Webmap
Data Source: Bridges To Prosperity (Global Indicators); Bridges to Prosperity – Bridges Data
3 Jan 20 Is it time to treat sugar like smoking?
Data Source: The British Nutrition Foundation
2 Jan 13 The USA lags behind other agricultural nations in banning harmful pesticides
Data Source: The USA lags behind other agricultural nations in banning harmful pesticides
1 Jan 6 What is America’s most popular sport?
Data Source: Gallup








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