Data Sets • 2023

All the data sets for 2023.
Join us every week for new challenges.

Data Sets

All the data sets for this year 2023. Join us every week for new exciting data challenges.

Week Date Data Watch Me Viz Viz Review Source Article/Visualisation
1 02/01/2023 Link Link Link The NOAA Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI)
Data Source: NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
2 09/01/2023 Link Link Link Gay Travel Index
Data Source: Spartacus
3 16/01/2023 Link Link   Interstate and Cross-Border 2022 Migration Patterns
Data Source: Atlas Van Lines
4 23/01/2023 Link Link   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Automobile Recalls
Data Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
5 30/01/2023 Link Link Link NYC pizza slices
Data Source: Liam Quigley | Data
6 06/02/2023 Link Link Link Small Business Applications and Loan Amounts by Race/Ethnicity
Data Source: U.S. Small Business Administration
7 13/02/2023 Link     Global Electric Vehicle Market Share
Data Source: Counterpoint Research
8 20/02/2023 Link Link Link The Cheapest Ways to Get Your Protein | Chart
Data Source: LifeHacker • Prepared by: Brittany Rosenau
9 27/02/2023 Link Link   High Street Caffeine Content
Data Source: Which? • Provided by: Will Sutton
10 06/03/2023 Link Link Link Meat production in Germany
Data Source: Federal Statistical Office
11 13/03/2023 Link   Link Women’s college basketball rosters
Data Source: Derek Willis via Sports Data Analysis & Visualization class
• Data on github
Courtesy: Data is Plural
12 20/03/2023 Link   Link U.S. Wind Turbines
Data Source: U.S. Wind Turbine Database | Metadata | About
13 27/03/2023 Link Link   The Gender Pay Gap in US World Cup Bonuses
Data Source: The Guardian (from US soccer)
14 03/04/2023 Link Link   Hate Crime in Chicago
Data Source: Chicago Police Department
Collaboration with Zach Bowders
15 10/04/2023 Link Link   The DougScore
Data Source: The DougScore
Collaboration with Yamil Medina
16 17/04/2023 Link Link   Retirement Ages Around the World
Data Source: OECD
17 24/04/2023 Link Link Link Which country produces the most tomatoes?
Data Source: FAOSTAT
18 01/05/2023 Link Link Link How many people earned the Federal minimum wage or less in each State?
Data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
19 08/05/2023 Link     Makeover Monday Metadata Analysis
Data Source: Alex Taylor-Jackson
20 15/05/2023 Link Link   Media freedom
21 22/05/2023 Link Link   FDA Product Recalls
Data Source: US Food & Drug Administration
22 29/05/2023 Link Link   Dog Bites in NYC
Data Sources:
– Dog Bites (NYC Open Data)
– Dog Licensing (NYC Open Data)
23 05/06/2023 Link Link   Melbourne’s Pedestrian Counting System
Data source: City of Melbourne
24 12/06/2023 Link Link   Global Cereal Production
Data Source: Our World in Data
25 19/06/2023 Link Link   Divorces in England & Wales
Data Source: ONS
26 26/06/2023 Link Link   Pressure to Drink in the UK
Data Source: OneYearNoBeer
27 03/07/2023 Link Link   OECD Alcohol consumption
Data Source: OECD
28 10/07/2023 Link Link   The Henley Global Passport Index
Data Source: Henley & Partners
29 17/07/2023 Link Link   Climate Action Tracker
Data Source: Climate Action Tracker
30 24/07/2023 Link Link   Daily Sea Ice Extent
Data Source: National Snow & Ice Data Center
31 31/07/2023 Link Link   Drinking Fountains of Milan
Data Source: Comune di Milano
32 07/08/2023 Link Link   Maven Family Leave Challenge
Data Source: Maven Analytics
33 14/08/2023 Link     Energy Use per Person
Data Source: Our World in Data
34 21/08/2023 Link Link   Drinking & Dating
Data Source: Zoosk
35 28/08/2023 Link Link   Food Inflation Rates in the UK
Data Source: Office for Natonal Statistics
36 04/09/2023 Link Link   Employees at Forbes Cloud 100
Data Collected by: Brittany Rosenau
37 11/09/2023 Link Link   Average UK house price for first time buyers
Data Source: ONS
38 18/09/2023 Link Link   America’s Eviction Crisis
Data Source: Eviction Lab
39 25/09/2023 Link Link   Street Level Temperatures in NYC
Data Source: NYC Open Data
40 02/10/2023 Link Link   Scary Dream Trends
Data Source: Google Trends
41 09/10/2023 Link Link   What are Retail Investors Interested in Buying in 2023?
Data Source: Visual Capitalist
42 16/10/2023 Link Link   Watch Me Viz Stats
43 23/10/2023        
44 30/10/2023        
45 06/11/2023        
46 13/11/2023        
47 20/11/2023        
48 27/11/2023        
49 04/12/2023        
50 11/12/2023        
51 18/12/2023        
52 25/12/2023      

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