Makeover Monday Blogs by
The Community
Our global Makeover Monday Community doesn’t ‘just’ produce a huge variety of data visualizations every week, but we also see a growth in blogging activity from participants.
Makeover Monday Blogs by
The Community
Our global Makeover Monday Community doesn’t ‘just’ produce a huge variety of data visualizations every week, but we also see a growth in blogging activity from participants.
Here we highlight blogs written by the community for the community, focusing on Makeover Monday and often other Tableau and Dataviz related topics. Check out the authors and their blogs below to get a different perspective on the project, the datasets, the vizzes and to read about their process and approach for creating a better viz for the weekly challenges.

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Adam Green | Tableau Public | Twitter

Adam manages an MI team at a UK university and uses Tableau to create performance analytics and data visualisations for senior managers. He has a passion for data and outside the 9/5 can be found tracking his physical activity data to later visualise in Tableau.

On his personal blog Coffeetableviz you’ll find a medley of blog posts related to #makeovermonday, #VisualisingHE and generally #datathatinterestsme presented in a snappy viz gallery format. This blog keeps posts short showcasing the Tableau visual, but offers little bite size insights. This blog acts as a sign post to more detailed personal and collaborative blogs.

In his detailed blog datathatinterestme he writes and vizzes about stuff that he is interested in like fitness data. He also writes for ‘Tableau Dark‘, a blog project with Dave Kirk posting monthly about how to get people engaged with data and approaches to managing a Tableau Server environment, in short ‘a no nonsense self-account of what has and hasn’t worked’. Thirdly – Adam writes for a projects with Dave Kirk, Elena Hristozova and Stephen Little called VisualisingHE which focuses on open higher education data and shows different approaches to representing topical data.

Ann Jackson | Tableau Public | Twitter

Ann is a cat and logic loving individual dedicated to spreading her contagious enthusiasm for data visualization to the world. By day she spends her time partnering with data extractors and business users to define and display what is necessary to answer questions. By night Ann is dedicated to her mission of empowering individuals in the art of data visualization through the use of Tableau. She’s leader of Phoenix, AZ’s Tableau User Group where she spends time engaging with her local community on all things Tableau. Ann’s unyielding passion and ambition also take form through the many blog posts, video tutorials, tweets, and public visualizations she posts.

On her blog you’ll find a mashup of blog posts related to Makeover Monday, Workout Wednesday, How-Tos (including videos), professional commentary on data visualization and data analytics, personal commentary on being a female in a data-centric role, recommendations on books and other content

Charlie Hutcheson | Tableau Public | Twitter

Charlie, in his own words, is ‘a guy who put in a lot of work trying to learn the ropes with Tableau, and put a bit back into the community by sharing his journey on the way’.

His blog started as a personal project where he pulled together blog content, videos and workbooks from across the community so he could document loads of chart types in Tableau – sort of like a reference guide. Then it evolved into what has become a #TakeapartTuesday project where he downloads, explores and explains how other peoples’ #MakeoverMonday submissions work. Sometimes Charlie includes a look at how to tackle the #WorkoutWednesday challenges too, so it’s a bit of a Swiss Army Knife of a blog.

Colin Wojtowycz | Tableau Public | Twitter

Colin is an independent consultant specialising in social research, customer insight and business intelligence.  He is on a journey to communicate valuable insight through effective data visualisation.  He is learning how to use Tableau desktop to help him achieve this goal.

Colin’s blog covers his journey into data visualisation and Tableau. Makeovermonday has helped him gain relevant experience and skills, build a portfolio and make some great contacts. He critically reflects upon data visualisations he has participated in as part of the project, including his design approach, data visualisation best practice techniques and key lessons learnt along the way.

Dave Kirk | Tableau Public | Twitter

Dave is the Innovation and Analytics manager for a University and has a passion for enabling people to use data to inform decisions and provoke change.  His main focus is on enabling people to digest and understand information whether that be through design, the structure of content on offer or how to work with people.

Dave is a busy man when it comes to blogging and has three different blog projects on the go.

On his personal blog, he focuses on what he has learnt through engaging with the community and taking part in projects such as #MakeoverMonday.

He also writes for ‘Tableau Dark‘, a blog project with Adam Green with monthly posts to get people engaged with data focusing on Tableau Server.  Tableau Dark provides the reader with a no nonsense view of what Dave and Adam have done and what has and hasn’t worked.

And thirdly, Dave writes for a project he is working on with Adam Green, Elena Hristozova and Stephen Little. VisualisingHE focuses on higher education data to show different approaches to representing data.

Jack Horton | Tableau Public | Twitter

Jack is an aspiring data scientist, who recently discovered Tableau and has been honing his data visualisation skills in his spare time and documenting his progress in a weekly blog.

Most of Jack’s posts are #MakeoverMonday related, but there will occasionally be a personal project thrown into the mix.  Jack hopes to start making his own tutorials to help people overcome the problems he has faced in his dataviz journey.

In his spare time, Jack likes to play overly complicated board games and drink copious amounts of tea.  Jack also reads old Sci-Fi novels and is working on his own book.

David Hoskins | Tableau Public | Twitter

David lives in Newark-on-Trent in the UK and has worked in Analytics and Business Intelligence roles for the last 15 years, helping people to make sense of their data. For the last five years he has specialised in Data Visualisation, inspired by the work of Edward Tufte, Stephen Few, Alberto Cairo, Nathan Yau, Andy Kirk and Nadieh Bremer.

At the end of 2016 David decided to spend more time creating visualisations, and developing a portfolio. So he started to spend every Friday working towards it. His blog is designed to keep his feet to the fire because if he commits to writing about it, he has to do it, right? Every week he shares the lessons he has learned on the way as well as some examples of Data Visualisation that inspire him.

Frederic Fery

Fred My Data | Tableau Public | Twitter

Frederic is an IT professional at the QUT Business School, Brisbane Australia. He has a passion for data story telling and enjoys using Tableau. Frederic enjoys organising data story telling workshops for QUT students and seeing their faces as they have a #lightbulbmoment.

He is also leading the QUT TUG (Tableau user group)

He discovered Tableau 5 years ago (thanks to Llew Jury @reloada) but put it in the too hard basket. Thanks to a presentation from Rob Crocker (@robcrock) he discovered #makeovermonday at the Brisbane TUG and didn’t look back.

Frederic submitted his first (very bad) viz 14 Sept 2017 but loves to have a go on regular basis.

He likes to write about his thoughts, design process, feedback he receives after the viz review #MMVizReview on his blog . It is also a good way to document how he has done things, hacks, tutorials he followed, so he can remember for next time!

Frederic feels that #makeovermonday has really helped him develop his Tableau knowledge and connect with other Tableau aficionados via Twitter. It is a great sense of community and great support from Andy and Eva.

G Hopper

graphhopper | Tableau Public | Twitter

G is an actual human person (not a super intelligent insect) who really likes working with data and answering questions.  When they aren’t analyzing data or hanging around r/Tableau, you can probably find them playing board games or procrastinating on Geoguessr.

Graphhopper blog is mostly #MakeoverMonday creations, but includes other posts about data viz, the odd Excel tip, and a pinch of programming. G tends to focus on data quality and structure, and can’t resist using maps – even when they aren’t particularly useful!

Jeff Plattner | Tableau Public | Twitter

Jeff was born and raised in Minnesota and it shows, as some of his favorite things in life are camping and the outdoors, spending time at the lakes during the summer, country music and wild rice hotdish!! Jeff is also a sports fanatic and has dreamed of seeing a Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl win and/or a Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Title. You weren’t supposed to laugh at that part!! Jeff and his amazing wife are expecting their second child in January 2018. They currently have the most precious 3 year old girl and a 5 year old Shih-Tzu named Myla. Myla enjoys giving hugs, running laps around the house and barking at cartoon dogs on TV.

Jeff is a business analyst with a passion for Data Visualization and Tableau. The goal of his blog is to share the learnings of his DataViz Journey. And while Jeff, himself, is still in the early stages of that journey, others may just now be discovering the power of Data Visualization and Tableau. For them, Jeff hopes this blog can be a valuable resource, while providing some inspiration along the way.

Louise Shorten | Tableau Public | Twitter

Louise has a passion for data analysis and visualisation. She loves using Tableau to explore and visualise data-sets from various sources.

Louise discovered Makeover Monday in October 2016 and participates as much as she can. She feels it has really helped her develop her knowledge of Tableau and connect with others in the community on Twitter. She started blogging about the process in March 2017 and hopes to expand her blog to continue to write about Makeover Monday, Tableau and any other tools she uses along the way.

Mark Bradbourne

Sons of Hierarchies | Tableau Public | Twitter

Business Intelligence Professional with 20 years of experience whop is CBIP (Business Analytics) and Qualified Desktop Associate Certified. Blogger. Biker. Dad. Drummer. Data Viz Junkie. Co-lead of the Cleveland TUG. He is always learning and loves the Tableau community and being a part of it!

Sons of Hierarchies started as a Twitter joke, grew in to a charity t-shirt that benefited the Tableau Foundation and ended up as Mark’s Tableau Blog. Posts range from tips and tricks to vizzes of all kinds, and cool resources he finds along the way.

Mike Cisneros | Tableau Public | Twitter

Mike is a long-time data visualization enthusiast, champion, and practitioner. He plies his trade for a Washington, DC-area analytics company, where he is constantly searching for more sophisticated and effective techniques for clearly presenting data-based insights to a wide range of audiences.
As a child of the 70s and an adult of the first dot-com boom, he has, at various times, been paid to be a writer, an editor (of everything from travel guides to scientific journals), a graphic designer, a software developer, an analyst, a builder of online communities, and a tennis instructor. When he isn’t uncomfortably hunched over a coffee-table-mounted laptop, he is most likely injuring himself as a [IF [Country] = “United States” then “soccer” else “football” END] goalkeeper, planning an overseas adventure, learning the first 500 words of yet another language, or amiably removing cat hair from his clothing.

His Twitterhandle-ponymous blog primarily covers his involvement the Tableau Public community, describing his technical and conceptual processes for creating Makeover Monday, Viz For Social Good, IronViz, or independent projects. He is interested in exploring the boundaries of how beautiful visualizations can become, before they cease to be informative and cross the line into being solely art projects.

Neil Richards | Tableau Public | Twitter

Neil is a Tableau Public Ambassador and former Featured Author with 2 Tableau Vizzes of the Day under his belt. He contributes regularly to Tableau Public and at the time of writing possesses a perfect 100% record for MakeoverMonday of 66 contributions out of 66! (the record might be perfect, but maybe not all 66 of his efforts …)
A regular poster on Twitter, he’s been using Tableau for a little under 2 years and currently works in the Higher Education sector in the UK.

Neil blogs regularly at – highlighting a wide variety of data visualisation charts and formats, usually focusing on questions, debates and issues in the field of data visualisation in general, rather than Tableau-specific or technical posts. If in doubt, it’s probably fair game for a blog post!

Paul McHale

relatabledata | Tableau Public | Twitter

Paul is a Senior Data Analyst supporting an HR function for a major retirement savings firm.  He’s been working with Tableau since October 2015, but found the Makeover Monday project and the Tableau Community in July 2017.

He is husband to a beautiful wife and father to two adorable little boys.  He and his family live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Paul uses his blog as a repository for lessons learned and a forum through which to explore new ideas. The content is a mix of personal Makeover Monday recaps, detailed how-to’s and reflections on new ideas.


Mark Edwards & Pablo Gomez | Tableau Public (Mark) | Tableau Public (Pablo)Twitter

POINTS OF VIZ is a blog collaboration by Mark and Pablo. Mark uses the blog to share what he discovers as he learns to use Tableau, as a relative newcomer on the scene.  Mark likes to write about what he imagines others might find interesting.  Naturally, this isn’t then only highlighting his own work, but resources he benefited from and wants to share, and how he applies his philosophies to his data visualisation work.

Mark is a relative newcomer to Tableau, but has always been obsessed with how information has been conveyed, especially in print media.  He can get really fussy about superfluous decimal places or visualisations that can be misleading. His background is as a data generalist, but since the turn of 2017 he has begun to specialise in data viz.  Makeover Monday led him to a new career, and it’s one that he is extremely passionate about.  Mark loves the Tableau communities, both online and offline, and is very excited for things to come, both for him and for Tableau!

Originally from Argentina, Pablo co-founded I FOR IDEAS, a Branding and Marketing company specialised on graphic design and digital content. After working in data analysis and reporting for over a decade, he was introduced to Tableau in early 2013. Always fascinated by Data and Graphic Design, Tableau was the perfect platform to combine both of his passions. He now looks towards finding ways to tell a fascinating stories with visualisations using stimulating imagery and powerful interactivity. He always says: “I never thought that visualising data could be so much fun, so now I spend most of my time having fun!”

Rebecca Roland | Tableau Public | Twitter

Rebecca graduated in Forensic Science and uses her investigative skills in the analytics world which is key to figuring requirements out. Having moving over to IT a number of years ago she has grown a passion for visualisation and data analytics to help businesses make those important decisions by understanding and visually seeing their data. She loves to find areas that are not reporting so well and the keys steps to turning it around. Rebecca always likes to take on a challenge and not afraid to admit defeat (on those rare occasions), very interested in taking organisations further by adapting different methods of approach and working in a team to help one another grow & develop.

In her spare time she is an active member of the Army Reserves which takes her on all sorts of adventures and brings challenges to her everyday life, finding the right balance is sometimes hard work but achievable. Rebecca loves to travel the world, have a full social calendar and can be bribed with tea & biscuits – custard creams mostly.

Fun Fact – Rebecca was shortlisted in the Top 10 for Young IT Professional of the Year 2015/2016

Robert Crocker

Robert Crocker | Tableau Public | Twitter

After going from personal trainer to IT to Silicon Valley consultant Robert has assumed his place in the world as someone who wants nothing else but to help people realize their potential.

His company, Viz simply, does this through one-on-one online training classes where students unlearn bad Talbeau habits, assume productive ones, and go deep into data visualization best practices.

When Rob isn’t training students, he is tasting the best coffees his host city has to offer. After a coffee or two, he’s off the to the local Crossfit box to break a sweat.

Next time you’re in Melbourne ask the barista to pour you a Magic.

Robert Crocker

Rodrigo Calloni

tableauing | Tableau Public | Twitter

Rodrigo is a Librarian and Tableau Desktop 10 Certified Associate (2016). His main mission is to make information easily available and accessible to people. With Tableau, Rodrigo found a new home where he can use his creativity to effectively build data visualizations that tell informative stories. Learning, Sharing and having Fun are the main reasons why Rodrigo participates in #makeovermonday.

Tableauing is a blog that represents Rodrigo’s continuing learning process through Data Visualization and Tableau. There, the author shares his own experiences, struggles, successes on creating data visualizations and participating in social communities such as #makeovermonday and #vizforsocialgood.

Sarah Bartlett | Tableau Public | Twitter

Sarah was introduced to Tableau in 2015 whilst working as a Senior MI Analyst at Mitie. Sarah started participating in #makeovermonday in mid-2016 after seeing conversations about the project on Twitter and is determined to make it into the elite ‘100% club’ in 2017!

Sarah regularly writes about her #makeovermonday vizzes and design process on her blog:

Sarah is also a co-leader at the London TUG (Tableau User Group).

Sean Miller

mydatamusingsblog | Tableau Public | Twitter

Hi there! I’m Sean Miller and I’m a Sr. Data Visualization Analyst. I live in Kansas City, MO (born & raised). I’m an avid sports and music fan which is what you’ll likely find me vizzing and blogging about. I’ve been using Tableau since April 2015, Tableau Public and blogging since Jan. 2016.

On my blog, I write about the majority of my visualizations. My purpose in data visualization is to keep things simple, clean and to the point. This blog is way for me to share my thoughts while also paying it forward with all the help and assistance I’ve gained from the Tableau community!

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or want me to take a look at your work.

Simon Beaumont | Tableau Public | Twitter

Simon is Head of Information in the NHS and has been using Tableau since 2015. During that time Tableau has become an integral part of how his organisation ‘do’ analytics; resulting in a Tableau Centre of Excellence being developed during 2017.

Simon is a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate and co-chairs the Tableau UK Healthcare User Group.

Makeover Monday has been such a wonderful learning process for me and people have been so generous with their feedback and support that I wanted to offer something back to the community.

My blog shares techniques and tips to help people get the most out of Tableau.

Over the past 12 months this has included reflections on approaches I have taken for specific Makeover Monday challenges (for example American State obesity rates) and also Tableau Tips (#BestNewTableauSkill) that I have learnt as a result of completing a Makeover Monday (for example how to produce alternating measures).

The Data Duo – Beautiful and Functional Data Visualization

Pooja Gandhi & Adam Crahen | Tableau Public (Pooja) | Tableauu Public (Adam) | Twitter

We are two data visualization enthusiasts who want to share our journey through data with the community.  Our gallery features over 200 beautiful and functional data visualizations.  We participate in many community data visualization projects, including #MakeoverMonday, #VizForSocialGood, and #IronViz.  We started our own self-quantified data project called #DearDuo where we track data about ourselves and give it to each other to visualize each month.  Our blog roll features a wide range of topics from technical topics,

Pooja works for Comcast NBCUniversal in Philadelphia, PA as a Sr. Visualizations Analyst, focusing on transforming data into visualizations to help people understand their business operations more visually. She is passionate about her job and enjoys using Tableau to tell stories through data. Being a native of India and having changed residences multiple times, Pooja loves travel, diversity, cultures and learning new languages.

Adam is a Senior Systems Accountant working for the U.S. Government and uses Tableau and Alteryx to create Departmental performance analytics and data visualizations for senior managers.  He started a Tableau Doctor program to help others learn about data visualization, to share best practices, and to build a stronger community of authors.  Adam lives in Honeoye Falls, NY with his family and can often be found on his mountain bike, exploring the local trails while recording new GPS data to visualize.

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