We are delighted to announce that we have become a BrightTALK partner, which means that we now have our own channel for live webinars and sharing content. We are excited to take our engagement with the data viz community to the next level to help everyone learn more, understand new concepts and ideas and get better at data analysis and visualization.


The Details


We have three webinars which we previously ran, on our channel and while we’re working on a number of ideas behind the scenes, we are kicking things off with a live Makeover Monday VIZ REVIEW on Monday, 31 July 2017 at 7pm BST | 2pm ET | 11am PT | 6am (Thu) NZ.




VIZ REVIEW is our way of giving better feedback. You participate in Makeover Monday just like you normally would, and if you want us to provide feedback on your viz live during the webinar, you simply include #MMVizReview in your tweet. We will select as many vizzes as possible for the review and give you honest and constructive critique during the 60min session.

Why? As you have probably noticed by now, Twitter isn’t a great platform for having constructive discussions and the 140 character limit per tweet makes it very hard for us to give useful feedback in the way we want. By running regular feedback sessions in the form of a webinar we can be much more specific on the what and the why of our suggestions and we can actually engage with you during the session. There is a chat functionality that lets you write to us with questions and comments which we can address on the spot.


What do we need from you?


This is a very new approach for us and we are excited about it because we think it will greatly enhance the Makeover Monday project. That’s where you come in. Without your feedback we don’t know whether this is actually working for you :-). So please let us know whether you find these reviews helpful. First of all, please register and join us live or on demand (you can do this just below this blog article), so you can see what it’s all about. Then comment and ask questions during the session and provide feedback and a rating afterwards.

Of course we will still be on Twitter just like we always are. This new format, however, will be an enhancement and make giving feedback a lot easier for us. We’ll still do the weekly recaps on our blog that you’re used to reading by now.


What else?


We have a few ideas for webinars beyond VIZ REVIEWS. Those ideas will require some preparation but we’re planning to get the community involved and give people a voice, so we can learn more from each other and grow this Makeover Monday community even bigger and better.

We look forward to having you join us online!


Eva & Andy