The dataset for Makeover Monday Week 6 was the result of a small misunderstanding. Andy asked me for a dataset for his live #MakeoverMonday session which he is running on 6 February at Tableau HQ in London. He wanted to use Chicago Taxi data in EXASOL for his initial presentation, but I thought what he meant was that he wanted us to use the live data on EXASOL for the weekly challenge.

That was 2 weeks ago and despite clearing up the misunderstanding, I thought it would be fun to give the community a truly large dataset to play with. So I roped in a few of my colleagues to create the necessary processes behind the scenes that will allow you to gain access to the full dataset if you want to use the whole 100+ million rows of data.


Here are a few notes and tips to help you for week 6:

We will provide the data in 2 different ‘formats’, which will be published on this website as usual on Sunday. We have joined some tables for you and done some pre-formatting of the fields:

  • the usual .tde file for everyone – this contains 14 million records, which means you can publish your viz to Tableau Public just like you normally do
  • a .tds (Tableau Data Source) which has a live connection to the datasource in EXASOL (you can only use this in Tableau Desktop).
    To use the whole dataset, you need to follow the steps below:

    • Navigate to the sign-up page to register
    • You will receive an email with your credentials
    • Download the EXASOL driver (Tableau 32 bit; Tableau 64 bit; Tableau Mac OS)
    • Download the .tds and open it in Tableau Desktop
    • A connection prompt will appear once you start dragging fields onto your worksheet. Enter your credentials (from the above email) in the connection prompt
    • start your analysis

Please note that Tableau Public only allows you to publish a data extract with up to 15 million records. The .tde we provide works for that. However, you cannot publish a dataviz with a live connection to EXASOL.We provide the whole dataset purely for you to explore ALL the available data and to play with big data in Tableau.
BUT: Once you finish your analysis and visualisation of the live data, please tweet an image as you usually do as part of #MakeoverMonday (tag @TriMyData and @VizWizBI) to show us what you’ve created. We’d love to showcase the best visualisations on EXASOL’s website using EXASOL’s own Tableau Server instance.

Tweet and blog about your #MakeoverMonday dataviz just like you usually do. Let us know how you went about it, especially if you used the full dataset. We love reading about people’s analysis processes and seeing how they go about their data analysis and dataviz creation.


If you’d like to find out more about how we loaded the data into EXASOL, setup the tables and prepared the data for your analysis, please head over to this Github repository.

We hope you enjoy #MakeoverMonday’s week 6 challenge and look forward to seeing your data visualisations. We will publish the data tomorrow, so look out on Twitter for it.