Week Date Data Source Article/Visualisation
1 Jan 2 XLS TDE Australia’s 50 highest paying jobs are paying men significantly more
Data source: Australian Government
 2  Jan 9  XLS TDE Have Apple Lost Their Edge With iPhone?
Data source: Statista
3 Jan 16 CSV TDE The 294 Accounts Donald Trump Retweeted During The Election
Data source: Trump Twitter Archive
Note: Please tag @realtrumptweet in your Tweets
4 Jan 23 XLS TDE International and Domestic Tourism Spend in New Zealand
Data source: NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Domestic / International)
Note: Data definitions included for RTI data in .tdsx and .xls files – please read 🙂
Optional: Geospatial data (.tde) available at TLA level if you want to have some fun with maps.
5 Jan 30 XLS TDE Employment Growth in G-7 Countries
6 Feb 6 TDS TDE TWBX Inside Chicago’s Taxi Data: Busiest and Slowest Days, Average Tips And More
Note: Tableau extract is limited to Near North Side for 2015-2016, while the TDS is a live Exasol connection to all 105 million records. The TWBX is for those using the Tableau Public app to create their dataviz.
For the live connection you will need a login which you can create via this registration.
Data source: City of Chicago
7 Feb 13 XLS TDE How Much Do Americans Spend on Valentine’s Day?
Data source: National Retail Foundation
8 Feb 20 XLS TDE The EU potato sector
Note: The ‘country’ dimension contains two total EU members, please take this into account for your analysis.
Data source: Selling Price of Potatoes; Potato harvest statistics
9 Feb 27 XLS TDE How does Andy use his American Express?
10 Mar 6 XLS TDE Top 500 YouTube Games Channels (as of 3rd March 2017)
Note: Find more information about these statistics on the Social Blade FAQ page
Data source: SocialBlade
11 Mar 13 XLS TDE The Likelihood of Orgasm
12 Mar 20 CSV TDE March Madness
Data source: data.world
13 Mar 27 XLS TDE The Secret of Success


Week Date Data Source Article/Visualisation
1 Jan 4 XLS Bryce Harper Should Have Made $73 Million More
2 Jan 11 CSV TDE The NBA’s Greatest Shooter Hates Mid-Range Jump Shots
3 Jan 18 XLS TDE Are Consumers Bored With Technology?
4 Jan 25 XLS Americans Have Too Little Savings
5 Feb 1 XLS TDE Travel Agents Are a Relic of the Past and Hotels Could Be Next
6 Feb 8 XLS Mapping Police Violence
7 Feb 15 XLS TDE Adults vs Teens: Video Game Edition
8 Feb 22 XLS TDE America’s Biggest Bandwidth Hogs
9 Feb 29 XLS TDE Mind the Gap – Football Wages in England
10 Mar 7 XLS TDE How Safe Are You at Your Local Fairground?
11 Mar 14 XLS TDE Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index
12 Mar 21 XLS TDE Women’s Rights – Country by Country
13 Mar 28 XLS TDE Sugar tax: How bold is it?
14 Apr 4 XLS TDE Urban Diversity in America
15 Apr 11 XLS TDE From Millions to Billions
16 Apr 18 XLS TDE Women in State Legislatures
17 Apr 25 XLS TDE Victims of the 21st-century Slave Trade
18 May 2 XLS TDE Average Tuition in the United States
19 May 9 XLS TDE American Women Work Way More Than Their European Counterparts
20 May 16 TXT TDE Global Warming is Spiraling Out of Control | Note: Time series are presented as temperature anomalies (deg C) relative to 1961-1990 (Source)
21 May 23 XLS TDE The Militarization of the Middle East | Note: Data from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Source)
22 May 30 XLS TDE The History of Famous People
23 Jun 6 XLS TDE Facebook’s Carbon Footprint
24 Jun 13 XLS TDE Women in the Workplace – Corporate Talent Pipeline
25 Jun 20 XLS TDE Theft in Japan
26 Jun 27 XLS TDE Makeover Monday Dashboard Design Contest
27 Jul 4 XLS TDE The Best and Worst States To Raise Children In
28 Jul 11 XLS TDE What Lawmakers Spoke About After the Orlando Mass Shooting
29 Jul 18 XLS TDE The Next To Die | Note: Data from Death Penalty Information Center (Source)
30 Jul 25 XLS TDE Bermuda Census | Note: Data from Bermuda Digest of Statistics
31 Aug 1 XLS TDE The Many Ways The Media Gets Around Saying Groin
32 Aug 8 XLS TDE All-Time Summer Olympic Medal Standings
33 Aug 15 XLS TDE Make-up of UK Beauty
34 Aug 22 XLS TDE Malaria Deaths Around the World
35 Aug 29 XLS TDE U.S. Corporate Tax Havens | Note: Data from Citizens for Tax Justice
36 Sep 5 XLS TDE An Actor’s Life: Alan Rickman | Note: Data from Box Office Mojo
37 Sep 12 XLS TDE Top 20 Container Shipping Companies | Note: Data from Alphaliner (as of 05 Sept 2016)
38 Sep 19 XLS TDE World’s Biggest Data Breaches
39 Sep 26 XLS TDE Global Peach Index
40 Oct 3 XLS TDE Global Peace Index
41 Oct 10 XLS TDE Satisfaction with Transport in EU Cities
42 Oct 17 XLS TDE VOTAMATIC: Forecasting the 2016 Election
Note: Please credit @DrewLinzer and Daily Kos Elections with a link back to elections.dailykos.com.
43 Oct 24 XLS TDE The Size of the U.S. Debt
44 Oct 31 XLS TDE Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
45 Nov 7 XLS TDE TC16: Austin Restaurant Inspection Scores
46 Nov 14 XLS TDE Top 100 Songs Lyrics
47 Nov 21 CSV TDE Wildlife Strikes
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48 Nov 28 XLS TDE Inequality in the United States
Data source: Gabriel Zucman
49 Dec 5 XLS TDE The Global Flow of People
50 Dec 12 XLS TDE Which States have the worst drivers?
Data source: Car Insurance Comparison
51 Dec 19 XLS TDE DC Metro Scorecard
52 Dec 26 XLS TDE Christmas dinner costs rising again
Data source: BBC Github