Week 12 – March Madness

We looked at March Madness data for week 12, highlighting the phenomenon that is US college basketball. Quite a few vizzes showed the passion that exists with people and the strong affiliation they have with their teams and those of us outside of the US got a great lesson about basketball

Week 10 – Top 500 YouTube Gaming Channels

During week 10 we used SocialBlade‘s statistics on the Top 500 YouTube Gaming Channels to improve on their simple table and create vizzes that would convey the information better than the original.

Makeover Monday at Saint Joseph’s University

Read about the Tableau community at Saint Joseph’s University where students are leading the way to teach their peers about data and data visualization through weekly Tableau clinics and #MakeoverMonday sessions

Week 8 – The EU Potato Sector

Everyone loves spuds! In week 8 we looked at the EU Potato Sector. Many authors kept their vizzes nice and simple, while still using the ‘potato theme’ in their colour choices

Week 6 – Inside Chicago’s Taxi Data

A HUGE week for Makeover Monday as everyone got to play with a lot of data. We saw great, creative designs, stunning variations of the black and yellow taxi theme and really cool visualisations using maps and animations.